In cooperation with the Municipal Office of the Capital City of Warsaw, the Social Policy Center for the Mazovia Region, the Śródmieście District Office of the Capital City of Warsaw, we conduct programs in scope of counteracting violence and addictions for adolescents, young adults (15-30 years old) and parents – residents of the capital city of Warsaw, which have encountered difficult life situations, apply with pedagogical, family and parenting problems and difficulties, or who experience emotional crises and require help. The main aim of these programs is the protection and promotion of health in scope of counteracting addictions and domestic violence by means of strengthening family ties and parent competences as well as by laying the foundations for a healthy lifestyle and limiting risky behaviors, on the basis of conducting psychological and pedagogic activities and specialist family counseling. In scope of these programs we offer simultaneous performance of different types of interactions aiming at promoting healthy lifestyles and shaping appropriate attitudes: oriented at personal, emotional and interpersonal development of adolescents and psychoeducation as well as supportive activities, oriented at helping in difficult situations, supporting in overcoming crises and motivating to work on oneself and one’s personal development, as well as indicating other perspectives related to difficult family situations and building constructive and supportive group environments for adolescents.

In cooperation with the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy as well as the Mazovian Voivodship Office we render services in scope of helping young persons with mental disorders, including disabled persons threatened with social exclusion. The purpose of these programs is the rehabilitation of the program’s recipients leading to their self-reliance, coexistence in local social life, establishment of satisfactory relations with people, making changes in one’s own self-perception and perception of one’s abilities into categories such as “I can”, “I want” and “I am able to”.  By creating a safe and creative social environment the project aims at ensuring that its recipients will be able to learn how to leave isolation, build and maintain relations with people, find their strengths and resources and develop new skills.

We have also conducted programs in scope of activation of adolescents on the labor market. The aim of these programs was to conduct activities supporting adolescents in acquiring emotional, social and financial independence as well as strengthening and developing social and professional skills, increasing the level of competences on the labor market, to provide specialist counseling in scope of labor-related legislation.

In the past we have conducted supportive and educational programs for young people with problems related to their sexuality. The purpose of these programs was to support and guide persons applying with problems related to their sexuality and in scope of puberty problems, sexual education, HIV/AIDS prophylaxis, as well as the provision of therapeutic sessions for victims of sexual abuse and violence.

In the past we have also realized programs in cooperation with the Civic Initiatives Fund of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Ministry of National Education, the European Social Fund of the European Union, S. Batory Foundation, Mama Cash – Fund for Women, Non-government Organization Fund of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, the Office of the Government Representative for Equal Status of Men and Women, the Ośka Foundation and the Phare Fund.