The Society for Assistance to Youth possesses the status of a Public Benefit Organization. We have a rich background of working in our field of specialization and employ qualified personnel experienced in working with adolescents and their parents, with knowledge of the specificity of operating in a non-government organization. Some of our employees have collaborated with the Society since the very beginning. Our specialists have completed various trainings in scope of addiction prevention and prophylactics, specificity of working at support lines, sociotherapy, knowledge of sexual abuse, Adult Children of Alcoholics therapy, helping victims of violence, knowledge of human rights, sexual education, systemic family support, conducting groups and workshops, etc. Members of the Society’s team have all graduated higher studies at their specialties and what is more many of them have graduated, or are studying, extracurricular studies on psychotherapeutic and coaching schools, e.g. cognitive and behavioral therapy, Gestalt, psychodynamic and systemic psychotherapy. They also possess certificates of prestigious Polish Associations. For many years we have been fully committed to performing activities in scope of various programs authored by the Society for Assistance to Youth.

Our actions also incorporate voluntary employees, trainees, students of various faculties which practice their future professions.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of prophylactic and support activities for persons experiencing mental crises, threatened with addictions, being victims of violence or suffering from social exclusion or originating from families suffering from addictions. Our team consists of specialists in scope of supporting persons originating from families with issues of addictions and domestic violence or persons threatened with marginalization and exclusion from society. All our employees are highly experienced in the above scope.