About us

About Towarzystwo Pomocy Młodzieży
(TPM) – The Society for Assistance to Youth

The Society for Assistance to Youth (TPM) is a non-governmental organization founded in 1989. We are a public benefit organization. KRS 0000009830.

TPM conducts a Non-public Specialist Psychological and Pedagogic Clinic registered at the Education Office in Warsaw (Mazowieckie Kuratorium Oświaty).

TPM conducts social programs: preventive, therapeutic, developmental, psychoeducational for the benefit of adolescents, young people, adults and parents. TPM's programs serve to initiate and support the process of changes leading to an active and satisfactory social, family and professional life.

We act for the benefit of persons with difficult life situations – victims of violence, suffering from social exclusion or isolation, poverty as well as experiencing mental health crises, threatened with addictions or persons with disability. We offer comprehensive preventive and therapeutic support in scope of overcoming crises, develop personal skills, strengthening the sense of one’s own “self” and one’s autonomy, fulfillment of various social and professional roles, undertaking the best possible decisions etc.

All our activities are free of charge thanks to donations, grants, income from the 1% (of income tax of taxpayers) and other support actions by many kind people.

We conduct our activities at TPM's registered seat at ul. Nowolipki 2 in Warsaw.

If you are wiliing to support TPM or cooperate with us, call and ask any questions +48 22 887 88 07, Monday – Friday between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M.